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Truck Accidents

Trucking Accidents / Accidental Death

Truck Accidents are included in a very terrifying statistic. One out of every eight traffic-related deaths and four percent of all injuries in auto accidents involve large commercial trucks — also known as tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks and big rigs. Pennsylvanialawyer.com knows that in a recent 10-year period, the number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes rose by 10 percent. Pennsylvania is one of the leading truck accident states with over 2,200 deaths caused by trucking accidents in 2003. PennsylvaniaLawyer can help you find the right law firm to help get compensation for such wrongful deaths and personal injuries. Leave PennsylvaniaLawyer.com your contact information today and you will receive the highest quality of service. We will even try to take the case on a contingency basis or “pro bono” as some people would call it.

Trucks are larger and heavier than other cars on the road, which explains why 77 percent of those injured and 86 percent of those killed in large truck collisions are the drivers or passengers of smaller vehicles, including cars, SUVs and motorcycles. PennsylvaniaLawyer.com understands that those victims and their families are left to face a life-changing tragedy, while the trucker often escapes with minor injuries. Let us find you an attorney for free.

According to The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), the roads of the United States witness over 500,000 truck accidents each year. Of these total truck accidents, a high number end in fatalities, with statistics putting the number of deaths due to truck accidents at about 5,000 each year.

Twelve percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States are caused because of truck accidents. Tractor trailer truck accidents are especially dangerous. In such truck accidents, an alarming 98% of the time, the passengers or driver in the other vehicle is killed as opposed to people in the truck. The victims of such tragedies should contact PennsylvaniaLwayer.com immediately for a free consultation.

If you too have been unfortunate enough to be involved in a truck accident, do not settle for becoming a truck accident statistic. You should consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer to know all about your legal options regarding truck accidents. Let Pennsylvania Lawyer find you the best trucking accident lawyer for free within your county or the state. We strive at picking the winners so that you receive full compensation.

There are many different reasons for accidents involving large trucks include negligence on the part of the truck driver or the other vehicles involved. Others include:
• Tailgating
• Long work-shifts
• Failure to install blind spot mirrors
• Jackknifing
• Speeding and ignoring reduced truck speed limit
• Aggressive drivers
• Unrealistic schedules
• Failure to inspect tires, brakes and lights
• Driver fatigue
• Cell phone use

Automobiles are designed under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to encounter like size vehicles, not 80,000 pound trucks. Added hazards include the absence of rear and side bumpers and high front bumpers that punch into automobile passenger compartments. Together these factors account for the high percentage of serious injuries and deaths in these crashes. Tractor trailor injuries sometimes fall within the boundaries of faulty inspection or neglected equipment that the Pennsylavania Lawyer Network can help sort out with a push in the right direction.

Lawsuits based on accidents and collisions involving trucks, semis, tractor trailers or big rigs involve a complicated group of laws and large amounts of evidence. Let PennsylvaniaLawyer.com take the burden and stress off during such a traumatic event. Because the trucking industry is heavily regulated, an accident involving a truck is significantly more complex than an automobile accident case. PennsylvaniaLawyer.com will take the case on pro bono or contingency most of the time. Based on our vast experience in representing plaintiffs in truck and semi accident cases, we know that a wrongful death action can be brought against both the truck driver and the trucking company. Trucking companies are forced to have massive amounts of trucking accident insurance to cover such misfortunes. PennsylvaniaLawyer.com has the experience and knowledge to lead the investigation into the cause of the truck accident and to help you collect the maximum amount of damages allowed under the law. Compensation starts here at Pennsylvanialawyer.com.
In a truck accident resulting in death, the truck driver and/or the company responsible and at fault for causing the accident can be sued by a Pennsylvania lawyer. This includes the truck driver and the trucking company, the owner of the trailer, the shipper, as well as any other driver, person or entity who in anyway contributed to the accident, such as the manufacturer of one of the vehicles involved in the accident, the manufacturer of a tire that contributed to the accident, or the owner of any public or private property whose negligence contributed to the accident. Consulting with an experienced truck accident lawyers like PennsylvaniaLawyer.com can help determine what role the responsible parties played in contributing to the accident.

If your family member is a victim of a truck accident wrongful death, you should contact PennsylvaniaLawyer.com immediately for a free consultation. A Pennsylvania Lawyer can help find legal help for truck accidents on a “pro bono” cost basis or on contingency basis. Companies know that whenever a death is involved, it is going to cost them money. Insurance companies will send their best wrongful death defense lawyers to try and limit financial damages. Pennsylvania Lawyers will make sure that all the tools needed for compensation are there. Individuals pursuing wrongful death claims need experienced and aggressive advocates to see that their interests are protected.

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