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Plane Crashes

According to statistics, your chances of being involved in plane crashes are lower than any other type of major transportation. Specifically, the odds work out that if you flew in an airplane everyday for the next 25,000 years, you would be still be accident free and that’s not too shabby.
Moreover, if you’re likely flying with one of the top 39 airlines in the world, your odds of being killed are just about 1 in 19.8 million. These numbers are certainly encouraging, however, despite their optimism, they’re not without exception. Take for example that in 2011 alone, there were 117 plane crashes resulting in 828 deaths.

Pennsylvania Plane Crashes

In Pennsylvania, no one can forget the harrowing day of September 11th, 2001, when United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked and subsequently crashed in a field near Shanksville, PA. While this specific crash was not mechanical, but the very intentional actions of terrorists, it serves as a reminder of the intensity that accompanies any plane crash.

Again, statistics are on the passenger’s side showing that there is just one fatality per every four million flights, however, injuries sustained during plane malfunctions are unfortunately considerably more common.
There are quite a few safety devices as well as procedures currently in place and practiced by today’s major airlines. Some of these include:

Wider, more accessible emergency exits
Safer evacuation slides
Advanced avionics and controls
Turbine engines
Landing gear

While crashing or being involved in a plane crash may seem unlikely, it is still important that you ask about and educate yourself on these devices as well as your exit strategy when traveling by plane in off chance that you may be involved in a crash or mechanical malfunction.

An example of a notable Pennsylvania plane crash case involves a $32 million settlement for families of 17 passengers who were killed when their plane crashed near Bear Creek, PA on its return flight from a gambling trip to Atlantic City, NJ.
If you or a loved one was hurt or killed in a plane crash, reach out to a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney who has pro bono and plane crash litigation experience so you can tell your story and learn about your legal options.

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