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Fayette County

Fayette County was formed on September 26, 1783, from part of Westmoreland County and was named to honor the French hero, Marquis de LaFayette, who fought alongside Washington in the Revolutionary War.  Its county seat is Uniontown.  In the winter of 1753, the young Virginian George Washington traveled through the area with a message from the British ordering the French to vacate the area.  Of course, the French refused to comply.  Later, premier man of letters Horace Walpole wrote about the skirmish that eventually took place in Fayette County between the British and French:  “The volley fired by a young Virginian in the backwoods of America set the world on fire.”

That conflict between the British and French began for control over the region of Fayette County, but soon grew into a fight for control over all of North America.  Many consider the events that occurred in Fayette County to be the beginning of the first true world war between two superpowers, today known as the French and Indian War or the Seven Years War.  Of course, Fayette’s rich historical heritage is due not only to famous events that occurred there, but also to its awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Many tourists travel to Fayette County for a variety of attractions:  to take in the peaceful splendor of the Youghiogheny River at Ohiopyle State Park, to visit Fort Necessity National Battlefield, or the home of Albert Gallatin known as Friendship Hill, or the homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob, or any of the other exciting natural and historic sites.

Pennsylvania lawyers practicing law in Fayette County specialize in various niches of the law, including areas like bankruptcy law, employment law, personal injury law, immigration, family law, medical malpractice law, workers compensation law, and even criminal law.  Criminal law involves, logically enough, crimes committed by one party against another and are broken up into two subsets:  felonies and misdemeanors.  Felonies are larger offenses that typically result in harsher punishments.  Misdemeanors are smaller offenses that yield sentences that are not quite as harsh.  It is recommended that defendants retain one of the many experienced Pennsylvania lawyers practicing criminal law to represent them no matter which type of crime they have been accused of committing.

One common area of law for which Pennsylvania residents in Fayette County often need the assistance of a good Pennsylvania lawyer is that of trial law.  Trial law is a judicial examination and determination of facts and legal issues arising between parties to a civil or criminal action.  In the United States, the trial is the primary method used to resolve legal disputes between parties that they have not been able to settle between themselves using less formal means.  A trial’s chief purpose is to reach as fair and impartial a resolution between the parties as possible–what most people typically refer to as “justice.”

A trial seeks to uncover the truth of the matters at issue between the parties and to then apply applicable law to those matters.  The trial also supplies the final legal determination of the dispute between the parties.  There are two main types of trials:  civil trials and criminal trials.  Civil trials are those which resolve civil actions brought to enforce, redress, or protect private rights.  Generally speaking, all causes of action that are not criminal actions are by default civil actions.  Criminal trials, on the other hand, involve a person being charged with a crime.  The government then brings a criminal action against the accused person on behalf of its citizens to punish those found guilty of breaking criminal law.

Pennsylvania law provides for four types of incorporated municipalities:  cities, boroughs, townships, and, rarer cases, towns.  Below are listed the cities, boroughs and townships located in Fayette County:



  • Belle Vernon
  • Brownsville
  • Dawson
  • Dunbar
  • Everson
  • Fairchance
  • Fayette City
  • Markleysburg
  • Masontown
  • Newell
  • Ohiopyle
  • Perryopolis
  • Point Marion
  • Seven Springs
  • Smithfield
  • South Connellsville
  • Vanderbilt


  • Brownsville Township
  • Bullskin Township
  • Connellsville Township
  • Dunbar Township
  • Franklin Township
  • Georges Township
  • German Township
  • Henry Clay Township
  • Jefferson Township
  • Lower Tyrone Township
  • Luzerne Township
  • Menallen Township
  • Nicholson Township
  • North Union Township
  • Perry Township
  • Redstone Township
  • Saltlick Township
  • South Union Township
  • Springfield Township
  • Springhill Township
  • Stewart Township
  • Upper Tyrone Township
  • Washington Township
  • Wharton Township

Census-designated places

Census-designated places are not actual jurisdictions under Pennsylvania law, but are compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau in order to compile demographic data.  Other unincorporated communities, such as villages, are sometimes categorized here as well.

  • East Uniontown
  • Grindstone-Rowes Run
  • Hiller
  • Hopwood
  • Leith-Hatfield
  • Lynnwood-Pricedale
  • New Salem-Buffington
  • Oliver
  • Republic

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